Wanchai Animal Clinic


The Wanchai animal clinic is one of Hong Kong oldest veterinary clinics. the clinic was established in 1970 by Dr Gerald Lowe. At that time the only other clinics were operated by Dr Alan Auchnie in Happy Valley and Victory Avenue. Dr Rupert McDonald, Dr Ralph Chambers, Dr Barry Bousfield and Dr Norman Cheng also operated the clinic at various times until 1993 when Dr Michael Hilditch purchased and revamped the clinic. At that time the name of the clinic was changed from Ralph Chambers to the Wanchai Animal Clinic. 


We have built a state of the art veterinary clinic. In 1993 we only had an X-ray machine and a microscope. Today we have the most advanced diagnostic, laboratory and imaging tools available. All this equipment occupies a lot of space and we had no option but to relocate. In June 2010 we made the big move to Cross Lane Wanchai, just behind the old Wood Road address. We won't be moving again! In our new clinic we have a completely separate consultation and hospital area for your cat. We also have a special interest in reptiles and rodents.  


The veterinarians that work from the Wanchai clinic are Dr Paul Essey, Dr Mike Hilditch, Dr Cheryl Chua, Dr Seems Tsang, and Dr. Lam Yu.

We are very fortunate in Hong Kong to offer the services of an ophthalmic specialist. About three times a year Dr Anthony Goodhead and Dr Izak Venter visit us for a couple of weeks and offer specialist ophthalmic and surgical referral services. They are the consultants from the renowned Johannesburg
Animal Eye Hospital and lecture in many locations around the world.


Tel: 2572 5422   Fax: 2893 1593

Opening Hour

Monday - Sunday & Public Holiday

9:00am - 12:00pm   3:30pm - 7:00pm
(By Appointment)



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