Heartworm Disease

Heartworm disease is common in HK. It is especially common in the new territories. This disease occurs when the larvae of this worm migrate to the heart and grow into large adult worms. Their presence in the heart effects the hearts ability to pump blood around the body and the symptoms we see are similar to heart failure. Your pet will seem to slowly get weaker, lose weight and start coughing.

This disease is spread by mosquitoes and thus infections are more commonly picked up in summer .

There is a fast an accurate snap test for heart worm available. sometimes we will also do blood smear to check for larva in the blood as well. if your dog is diagnosed of heartworm positive, he will need to have some injections to kill the worms. and soon after the treatment ends, we would recommend you to take precautions against reinfections by taking monthly oral tablets or annal injections.