Skin Mange

Two types of mange commonly infect dogs in HK. Sarcoptic mange is caused by a small mite that is very itchy and causes hair loss especially at the elbows, flanks and ear tips. Without therapy this can spread over the whole body. It is very itchy and is contagious between dogs and although cannot infect humans can cause you to become a bit itchy.

The other mite is called Demodex and is not infectious. It lives normally in dogs skin in very small numbers. In some dogs the skins immune system is overwhelmed by the mites and an itchy patches of hair loss appear especially on the feet and legs and around the eyes.

We can see the mite under the microscope after scraping a superficial layer of skin.

We will give weekly injections for a month and then a course of oral medicine if necessary. We will also give some topical therapy if necessary and nutritional supplements.  Many of these infections also have a secondary bacterial infection that will require antibiotics.