Obesity is the excessive accumulation of fat in your dog. It is caused by a combination of overeating and lack of exercise. Most owners are not aware that their dog is getting too fat, as the accumulation of fat is slow and thus the owner only becomes aware when the vet points this out. Generally I would like to feel a bit of rib along his flank. To see what a natural dog would look like in nature, check out a wolf or a wild dog of Africa. These are lean and fit animals.

Thus the treatment is to reduce food intake and increase exercise. I strongly recommend that you let one of our experienced nurses chat to you and guide you through a diet programme as it requires significant discipline from you the owner. It is quite important that your whole family becomes involved in this effort. It is especially difficult to control a granny or young kid from feeding your fat pet snacks.  You will be required to put your pet on a special diet food and restricted amounts of daily intake. Its also a great idea to give your pet something to chew on like a very large raw marrow bone or raw hide chew. When your pet is hungry and busy chewing he is happy.

Your fat dog, like an obese human, does not have a happy life. Excessive stress is placed on his joints and arthritis will develop. He will have difficulty breathing, walking and wont tolerate exercise. In summer, he will struggle to control his body temperature. A fat dog is also predisposed to diabetes mellitus and we will often recommend a blood profile and urine exam before we initiate the diet.