Surgery and Surgical Procedures

Orthopedic Procedures Soft–Tissue Procedures Neurologic Procedures
Cruciate Ligament Stabilization Spay and castration Intervertebral Disk Disease: cervical and thoracolumbar decompression
Patella Luxation Repair Lump removal  
Hip Reduction (Open/Closed) Skin graft Spinal Fracture
Femoral Head & Neck Excision Anal gland    
Fracture repair: pinning and platin Perineal and inguinal hernia    
Bone Biopsy Urethrostomy    
Limb Amputation Biopsy    
Spinal Soft Palate Resection    
    Nasal fold resection    
    Liver Lobectomy    
    Feeding Tube Placement    
    Urinary Stone Removal    
    Prostatic Surgery    
    Eye lid and corneal surgery    
    Total Ear Canal Ablation