Advanced Digital Radiology

Advanced digital radiology is one of the most effective tools available when diagnosing internal problems and conditions in your pet. Wanchai Animal Clinic can now offer state-of-the-art digital radiology to your pet. Radiography (or X-ray) is fundamental for assessing a wide variety of ailments in pets. X-rays allow us to diagnose the severity and location of many conditions, including broken bones, tumors, bladder stones and the presence of foreign bodies (a bone, toy, or piece of clothing) in your pet's stomach or intestine. it is also useful for diagnosing heart and lung problems in your pet and can be used to evaluate hip and elbow dysplasia in dogs. Because your pet deserves the best diagnostic services, our experienced veterinarians will be evaluating and interpreting your pet's x-rays.

Digital x-ray technology greatly benefits your pet. Digital x-ray equipment produces high-quality, accurate images. This results in fast, more accurate treatment for your pet. These images will be saved to a disc or emailed to a specialist for advice if necessary. We can provide you with a digital copy of your pets x-rays.

Digital radiology lets us store high quality digital images, without having to keep toxic chemicals that are harmful to the environment, used in old fashioned image processing.

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