Dentistry and Oral surgery

Pet Dental Care

Routine dental care is often an neglected item of dog and cat general health care. After your pet reaches a few years of age, tarter begins to build up at the junction of his gums and teeth. It undermines the tissue and causes the gums to recede exposing more of the tooth root. The area then becomes infected. Infection leads to foul breath, as well as pain. If the situation is not soon remedied, gum infections, tooth abscesses and cheek ulcers will develop.


Chronic infections of the teeth and gums result in problems elsewhere in the body as well. Bacteria enter the bloodstream from infected teeth and cause infection in organs such as the liver, the kidneys, the heart and the joints. Miniature and toy breeds of dogs are more prone to dental disease and at an earlier age. Cats are especially prone to gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) and neck line lesions. As a result of mouth pain cats may stop eating and show weight loss and nutritional disturbances. Gingivitis in cats may also be a sign of an underlying viral disease. Good dental care lengthens pets' lives an average of 15% by preventing these secondary problems from occurring.


You can help prevent help prevent tarter buildup in your pets by feeding a dry pet food or brushing of their teeth. Chewing large raw marrow bones is the natural way dogs kept their teeth clean.  Rawhide chew toys, and some specially designed rubber toys for your pet to chew on will be very helpful. Some prescription diets are formulated to reduce plaque and tarter.


Just as with people, your pets will still require regular dental exams, and cleaning or extractions as necessary.  Our clinics offer a full range of dental services such as:
- ultrasound scaling & polishing
- advanced dental X-rays
- dental filling
- dental flap

-periodontal treatment 
- preventive teeth and gum care products


We are very fortunate to have Prof. Gerhard Steenkamp for referral dental and maxillofacial surgery. Prof. Steenkamp’s research projects involve collaboration with researchers from Lancet laboratories, Mammal Research Institute (University of Pretoria), and West Coast Veterinary Dental Services (Canada). 

Some of the clinical dentistry services, we offer are; 

Dental and Maxillo-facial surgeries